Surviving 2021 with Improv Skills - 2021 Open Mic - Chuck Garica

Succeeding in 2021 May Require a Visit to Your Local Improv Comedy Club

We made it to 2021. Do we get a reward?  Extra gold coins for completing “level 2020“? Many are entering the new year not entirely unscathed. Each month of this past year ushered in new challenges that seemed to get progressively worse.  Between a 100-year pandemic, major economic repercussions, nation-wide social unrest, devastating natural disasters, […]

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Man standing on top of moutain

Succeeding in the Face of Adversity

It’s no secret we’re in uncharted territory.  The unknown is anxiety-inducing and can feel overwhelming as we try to adjust to changing requirements in our day-to-day lives.  It’s happened before, perhaps not in this particular package, but natural disasters, terrorism, and unexpected circumstances have disrupted the norm and in some cases altered the course of […]

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Paleton of cyclists

It Turns Out, You Really Do Need a Peloton – This is Why

On a fateful day nearly 20 years ago, Michael O’Brien, CEO of Peloton Executive Coaching, asked himself a chilling question: “Is this what it feels like to die?” Michael was a successful businessman and father who had spent years being the “Superman” to everyone in every aspect of his life.  Business had brought him to […]

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Relationships - We Need Each Other to Succeed

It’s Been Proven, We Need Each Other 

I’m excited. Granted, it is an exciting time of year, especially here in New York City.  Streets are packed with people hustling and bustling from corporate meetings, Broadway shows, dinner engagements, holiday sight-seeing and seasonal shopping throughout every part of Manhattan. New York City during the holidays is electric. People are out together. And while […]

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Chuck Garcia at AFS

How to Get Your Team to Move Mountains and Then Climb Them

Moving mountains is typically seen as an impossible feat – which is why we talk of needing faith or a great belief from within in order to move the “proverbial mountains” of life.  The same could be said for climbing and conquering those massive “mountains” that we encounter. It’s this faith and belief that propels […]

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Woman looking at art on wall

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence.  As a leader you’re likely inundated with the term.  Articles, seminars, trainings, reports…it’s a hot topic – and for good reason.  With so much buzz about what one needs to be in order to be a successful leader and human being, it’s easy to start wondering, “Where do I measure up?  Am I […]

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