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Best-selling author, professor, coach, professional public speaker, and mountaineer, Chuck Garcia has inspired the world over to successfully reach greater heights personally and professionally.

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An Authority on Your Side

Every successful climb to the top of a mountain requires a strong and supportive team. With over 25 years on Wallstreet, 6 years teaching at institutions like Columbia University, nearly 4,500 copies sold of his book A Climb to the Top, over 300 coached throughout the world, and thousands more tuning in each Sunday evening on his radio show, A Climb to the Top: Stories of Transformation, Chuck provides the authority and support needed to help individuals successfully navigate their personal mountains.

Executive Coaching

Having coached over 300 professionals from entrepreneurs to executives of Fortune 500 companies, Chuck helps clients master the most essential elements of successful leadership, resulting in a truly transformative experience.

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Speaking Engagements

At the heart of Chuck’s mission is the art of communication, which he shares with audiences around the world touching on topics such as emotional intelligence, effective communication, personal transformation and leadership.

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Climb Leadership Institute

Take Chuck's courses to begin your transformation into a leader today.

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A Climb To The Top: Stories of Transformation

A Climb to the Top: Stories of Transformation

Transformation is at the heart of every success story. Events that yield such personal change bring enormous fear and anxiety. There is so much apprehension inherent to take on the struggles associated with personal growth. However, to achieve your full potential, it’s necessary to face these challenges head-on.

Join me as clients, friends, and colleagues share their stories that inspire others to transform their lives in the hope that you will choose to transform yours.



A CLIMB TO THE TOP is a docudrama series featuring a diverse cast of aspiring achievers from all walks of life. Overcoming adversity, career challenges, and life’s unexpected obstacles, it tells inspirational stories of how each climbed their way to happiness and success. These are tales of human transformation and relate to anyone striving to reach the top of their own personal mountains.

CLIMB Podcast

C Suite Radio Podcast

Every week the show features individuals from all walks of life who have overcome adversity, career challenges, and life’s unexpected obstacles. Each guest discusses their tale of transformation that helped them to climb their personal mountains of happiness and success.

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The Book

With his Amazon best seller, Chuck “wrote the book” on Leadership Communication and has spoken at hundreds of industry events worldwide for years.

Effectively weaving experiences from his 25-year career on Wall Street, a passion for teaching, and his hobby as an avid mountaineer, Chuck provides a unique and inspiring professional development experience. His step-by-step proven framework for impactful communication guides audience members to develop the mindset, skillset, and motivation to take their careers to new heights.

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Latest Insights from Chuck

Chuck continues to contribute to publications, associations, and networks across all mediums throughout the world. Stay abreast of his latest and past contributions.

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