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Early in his career, Chuck found that the top executives had a certain presence that stood out from their peers. They also relied on powerful methods of communication to inspire, persuade, and provoke change. Compelling communication and leadership tactics thus became critical to climb to the top of the Wall Street career mountains.

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IQ gets you hired, EQ gets you promoted
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Individual Executive Coaching

Climb Leadership One-on-One Executive Coaching helps professionals to master the most critical element in successful leadership: themselves.

Utilizing the multifaceted 360 Degree Survey – which stresses the importance of self-awareness – leaders achieve a more complete perception of how others see them, leading to more effective interactions and increased capacity. By becoming more aware of your behavior, and how others perceive you, you can more fully contribute to organizational goals and objectives.

In addition to this personalized survey, Chuck covers additional key elements with clients to develop leaders that others admire, trust, and are willing to follow, including:

  • Executive Presence: Appearance, Compelling Communication Skills, Gravitas
  • Ability to assert oneself constructively, engage an audience, and works well under pressure.
  • Power to inspire, persuade, and provoke change among a wide variety of constituents.
  • Recognition, understanding, and practice of greater Emotional Intelligence.

The main objective of executive coaching is to logically connect these dots as the building blocks for exceptional communication and leadership skills.

Get started on your journey to becoming a more effective and influential leader today. Let’s talk about your specific situation.

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Group Training

All teams have the potential to reach new levels of success. But, learning to collaborate effectively requires each member – including you – to recognize two important things:

  • How to highlight your strengths and build around the weaknesses.
  • The need to recognize and overcome personal challenges that inhibit team success.

Our group training helps the team accomplish these. Using an effective combination of executive leadership coaching and improvisational techniques, you and your team will:

  • Interact through fun and collaborative exercises to help improve your emotional intelligence, increase creativity, and learn to manage tense and uncomfortable situations.
  • Underscore the importance of authenticity, co-creation, and collaboration critical for organizational success.

As a result of these executive leadership coaching and improvisation techniques – implemented by some of the most well-known institutions – groups will more effectively:

  • Generate ideas quickly and efficiently
  • Make “something out of nothing”
  • Break down organizational silos
  • Be more engaged with colleagues
  • Enhance interactions with those around them
  • Approach work with creativity, confidence and positivity as opposed to fear, doubt and negativity

Get your group started on the path to be the most productive team in your organization. Let’s talk about your specific situation and dynamic today.

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