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Episode 019

Randy Shain

This week on A Climb to the TOP, we spoke with Randy Shain, author of “173 Pages Every College Student Must Read: Getting into college is great. Getting the most of it is crucial” and founder of One on One Mentors, LLC. Listen to Randy share his transformational story and how he dedicated himself to help college students get the most out of their college experience.

Randy’s passion and purpose can be summed up from a passage in his book, “Most of the advice we hear and read seems like it was designed for a seven year-old. How often do we hear a basketball coach telling a kid that the team simply needs to score more, or a teacher asserting that a student needs to focus? These are worthy goals; how to reach these goals, sadly, is rarely discussed. This book will do the opposite. Much of what is written here is designed to help college students (principally those focused on the liberal arts/humanities) learn how to make the most of their four (or more) years of undergraduate education. If I do my job, every reader will learn how to determine what they really like to do, what they’re good at doing, and how those two things translate to a job they want to do.”

Randy Shain
Originally aired on March 22, 2020
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