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Episode 001

Adam Connors

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” Rumi, 13th century Persian Poet

In a 24 x 7 world, success, happiness, and personal fulfillment are inevitably tied. We bring our work life home, and we bring our home life to work. The boundaries in the modern era are now fully blurred. This has massive implications on our happiness, health, and well being.

Something is missing. While knowledge becomes more accessible every day, our ability to connect, collaborate, and cultivate relationships is under siege. Success, happiness, and the way we lead our lives is based on the relationships we have started, developed, and nurtured.

BUT, NO ONE TAUGHT YOU HOW. You didn’t learn in it school. Most companies do not teach it. The power of human capital continues to diminish. More technology, more LIKES on Facebook and LinkedIn, less personal connection. Something is wrong!

The world we live in:

35% of the skills demanded across multiple industries will change by 2020.

65% of children entering elementary school will have jobs that do not exist.

The biggest gap in the U.S. is soft skills: Writing, speaking, collaborating, leading (Jeff Weiner,


87% of employees are not engaged at work. Lacking valuable connections and and feeling unappreciated leads to social isolation and loneliness. “An employees’s work loneliness triggers emotional withdrawal.” Stress, anxiety, and depression are all around us. Many people are miserable at work, feel powerless, and bring it all home in the proximity of family and friends.


Where does transformation begin? With the people right in front of us. We are the sum of: The paths we follow.

The lessons we learn.

The people we meet.

How we choose to take charge of our ability to CONNECT, CULTIVATE, and COLLABORATE leads to more successful and fulfilling lives. How do we achieve professional and personal transformation in a world so driven by technology, social media, and rapid change?

CLIMB 001 - Adam Connors
Originally aired on November 17, 2019
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