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Balance This and You’ll Have Success AND Happiness


Have you ever stopped to think about how the body has been created or formed? Two eyes, two ears, two arms, two legs – with most other significant parts of the body (e.g. nose, organs, etc.) placed in the middle.  It helps the body to balance – imagine if our bodies were naturally lopsided or imbalanced, how much more difficult that would be?

This balance is a principle many of us try to achieve, but often find difficult to do successfully.  The idea of moderation – balance – in all things is challenging when seeking after things in excess is a part of the human condition.  Excess in treats, video games, shopping, television, smart-phone usage, substances, etc.…imbalance in what we partake of is seen and experienced everywhere.

That same battle is happening between our hearts and minds – or our IQ (intelligence) and EQ (emotional intelligence).  There’s a saying that states, “the longest journey we as human being take is the 18 inches that separates our heart from our minds.”  Essentially, closing the gap, or aligning our logical/rational self and emotional self can be challenging.

We see it in the business world – a world that champions hard skills and IQs.  It’s not traditionally an environment that recognizes the necessity of emotion…until now.  There seems to be an increasing understanding that true success, fulfillment, and happiness at work and in our personal lives depends on the balance of our IQ and EQ.

Scoring perfectly on entrance exams, trainings, certifications, etc. will provide a sense of satisfaction and prove technical ability; that on its own however, won’t yield true happiness or even success in the long-run.  Ultimately, it is our technical ability combined with the ability to be aware of ourselves and those around us, to communicate successfully and collaborate with others that will bring sustaining happiness and success.

We find happiness and success in the balance; so many people that I see who are unhappy are out of balance, tilted in one direction more than another.  I quote this often, but it’s important enough to do so: one’s intelligence quotient (IQ) can only predict 1-20% of their success in a job; their emotional quotient (EQ) however, will predict 27-45% of success – particularly as a leader or manager.

I’ve written a number of articles addressing the importance of EQ. Consider reading through them and commit yourself to greater balance between your head and heart.  Most recently I addressed how you can increase your EQ today just by trying these three things: staying calm, resolving to resolve conflict more effectively and showing empathy.  Read more about how to start doing those things more successfully today by clicking here.

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