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10 Ways to Become a Better Leader


The idea of effective leadership is bound to differ from one individual to another – each basing their description on personal experiences and expectations.  However, I’d argue there are ten aspects to being a truly great leader.  How do you think you do in each of these areas?

  1. Communication: This one area alone is such a critical aspect of one’s success as a leader – and more importantly as an individual in society. Having written an entire book on how to communicate more effectively, I wholeheartedly believe and know first-hand that how you communicate will dramatically impact your experience and the experience of those around you.
  2. Decision Making: I speak to confidence and conviction quite a bit when it comes to leadership. Effective leaders aren’t afraid to make decisions – most of which will be complex and difficult.  Those who are successful employ sound judgment, logical reasoning, and use resources wisely.
  3. Motivation: An element of communication, you can’t be a good leader if you can’t motivate those around you to act. Successful leaders inspire, persuade, and guide those around them to work collectively toward goals and objectives.
  4. Planning: How can things get achieved if you don’t know you want to achieve them in the first place? While it’s possible to paralyze yourself with plans, the lack of them can lead to nowhere.  Effective leaders develop detailed, executable plans that are feasible, acceptable, and actionable.
  5. Execution: Great leaders know how to not only plan and present a plan, they know how to achieve results. These individuals are able to delegate appropriately and guide teams to complete goals and objectives.
  6. Assessment: People are best managed when they understand what is expected and how to meet and exceed those expectations. Successful leaders leverage evaluation tools to promote consistent employee improvement.
  7. Development: Leadership requires an investment in not only one’s own career but in the development of those around them.
  8. Builder: True leaders understand that building up those around them benefits themselves and the organization. They do this by spending time and resources improving teams, groups, and units.
  9. Learning: To lead requires a level of humility that recognizes there is always more to learn and understand. Those individuals who effectively lead not only place great importance on self-improvement, they continually seek personal and professional development.
  10. Adaptability: Business is dynamic. People are dynamic.  Therefore, leadership must be dynamic and those who are able to adjust leadership methods to changing conditions and opportunities will be most successful.

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