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3 Ways to Increase Your EQ …TODAY


You’ve heard me essentially say it, your EQ is more important than your IQ.  It’s true. Your ability to be aware of not only yourself but those around you is absolutely critical to your success. While one’s intelligence quotient (IQ) can only predict 1-20% of their success in a job, their emotional quotient (EQ) will predict 27-45% of success – particularly as a leader or manager.

Your EQ, which helps navigate your interactions with everyone around you, is how others perceive and experience your likability, integrity and leadership ability.  It’s true…90 percent of how you react – or respond – to a situation will determine how well you traverse your career.

So, it’s important. Really important.  How do you increase it?!  Well, there are three ways to increase your EQ immediately. In fact, if you apply these three things – even if you just deliberately try to do so, your EQ will increase by the end of the workday.

  1. Stay Calm. Seems simple, and yet not at the same time.  Staying calm, I can do that, you think to yourself.  But, there’s always that difficult person, the unpredictable stressful situation, or the piling workload. It’s like telling someone not to be upset about stubbing their toe or stepping on a Lego – there’s an inevitable response to those unpleasant moments. Staying calm starts not seeming so easy.  However, it can be done.  And, if you are cognizant of how you typically respond to any number of stressful situations or people you can begin to identify how to change that response for the better…for the calmer.  Calm individuals can keep people focused and confident in the situation at hand. They diffuse conflict and help everyone think clearer in moments of heightened emotion.  You’d be amazed how merely being aware and open to changing your habitual response can increase your EQ instantly.


  1. Resolve to Resolve Conflict More Effectively. Resolving conflict more effectively isn’t something you just do automatically; it requires a self-assessment of how you presently address conflict.  Just that exercise alone, however, is a huge step in the right direction.  Identifying how you cope with conflict can help you understand how you contribute to conflict with others.  Also, it’s important to remember that conflict does not have to be a negative thing.  In fact, disagreement – if done respectfully – can force new ideas and discovery of alternative methods. Many of us avoid conflict, but those who are emotionally intelligent deal with it and resolve it.  Perhaps you aren’t sure of how to effectively do that yet, that’s ok – resolve to improve in this area and be committed to learning how to be a mediator moving forward.


  1. Show empathy. One’s ability to understand and identify with others is the hallmark of an emotionally intelligent individual.  When you seek to understand those around you, you automatically increase your ability to stay calm and resolve differences around you.  Those who are empathetic help those around them feel heard, understood, respected and appreciated – all confidence-boosting feelings that can yield greater satisfaction and productivity.

You won’t master each of these three areas today.  However, your desire and commitment to improving in these areas will increase your EQ today.  Choose to stay calm, resolve conflict effectively, and show empathy toward those around you. Doing so will not only help you and others around you be happier, it’ll help you all be more successful.  Learn more about increasing your EQ by reading my blog.

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