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Experiencing Abundance and Scarcity All at Once


Abundance and scarcity are typically talked about as worldviews on opposite ends of a spectrum.  On one hand, you have an individual who perceives life full of opportunity – plenty for each person.  On the other end, you have an individual who believes there’s not enough success or opportunity and therefore, they tend to operate with a sense of urgency and often selfishness.

Taking a more macro approach to this concept, is it possible for us, as a society, to feel both abundance and scarcity at once?  The answer is yes.  In a world where most of us are tethered to our phones and various electronic devices, there’s never been a greater abundance of information. It’s everywhere – information, opportunity, and the chance to better ourselves with endless sources and opinions.  Yet, at the same time, our time and attention are scarce – all due to the continual rat race each one of us operates in.

The result of this paradoxical state leads many to experience a great deal of emotional stress. The inundation of stimuli each day impacts our ability to be present and be emotionally prepared for whatever we face throughout the day.  There never seems to be enough time, money, exercise, sleep, family time, etc.  And yet, we have so much more in technological advancements, seemingly meant to make our lives easier.

It isn’t making life easier; instead, we’re a society caught in a vicious cycle of addiction, obesity, and various emotional conditions like depression.  With all this pressure, it’s no wonder some individuals – like Steven Slater, the former JetBlue flight attendant who escaped out of the plane before departure – explode at some point.

Most of us don’t have an escape hatch to jump from to leave our stresses and difficult coworkers/clients/family members behind.  We’re all experiencing variations of similar stresses, and as a result, we’re walking around with unresolved emotions that aren’t dealt with properly.

Your Emotional Intelligence Matters

What’s the solution for us all?  A greater concentration in and development of our own emotional intelligence (EQ).  It’s a buzzword being used more and more in today’s business hot topics – stressing the need to rationally deal with the pressures of today.

Ultimately, EQ allows us to anticipate and respond appropriately to any given situation we encounter.  So much of our success, each day relies on these reactions and interactions.  Yes, our intelligence – or IQ –  in different areas is critical; our technical skills and abilities help qualify us to do certain jobs and functions.  However, it is our emotional intelligence that determines how successful we’ll be in accomplishing anything we pursue.

The reality is, 90 percent of how you react – or respond – to a situation will determine how well you traverse your career.  It’s in those moments that people perceive and experience your likability, integrity, and leadership ability.   This is the crux of what I’ve been coaching many executives on recently. Ultimately the question must be addressed, “are you managing your emotions, or are your emotions managing you?”

When leaders are ready and willing to take responsibility for their emotions and reactions, they become better leaders and experience greater personal growth.  Learn more by visiting, chuckgarcia.com

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