Before You’ve Said a Word

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Your mirror neurons have power.

People are looking at you before you’ve even said a word. What’s the vibe you’re giving? Are you smiling? Are you miserable? Whatever it is, if you’re stressed, people will pick up on that. We, as human beings, have something called mirror neurons. What happens if I yawn at you; what do you do? You yawn back. What happens if I give you a warm embrace? What happens if I give you a fighting stance? You’re going to fight right back, you’re damn right you are! Because that’s what we do as humans, we match each other’s mirror neurons. So when you walk into that room and you give off a miserable vibe, what are you getting back? A miserable vibe. I’m not saying you have to go in looking all fun and jolly, but it is important that you be conscious when you’re ready to make that pitch, they will be looking at you before you’ve even said a word.


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