A Picture Really Is Worth a Thousand Words

The remarkable success of Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram proves that a picture truly is worth a thousand words. Yet the ways in which we present pictures and images to audiences has not kept pace with the dynamic world of social media. Instead of always depending upon the old standby, PowerPoint, it’s essential to look to alternatives that can increase the visual richness of the presentation. After all, 65 percent of humans absorb more information visually than they do orally.

These days, audiences have become so accustomed to seeing bland PowerPoint presentations that their eyes tend to glaze over at the very mention of the word. If you want your speech to be remembered, for it to be impactful and persuasive, find ways to display your slides with movement and energy.

Give Your Presentation a POW with PowToon

There are plenty of different apps and programs worth exploring, but many have found success with a user-friendly and intuitive presentation program software called PowToon. It allows speakers with no technical or design skills the ability to create engaging animated presentations. Forbes lists PowToon as one of several tools that you can leverage to make your content more engaging—take a look at their list of suggestions here.

If you haven’t seen a PowToon in a business meeting, it’s a matter of time before you do. This tool, as well as others, is being used to help content marketers create something new and fresh to engage their online audiences. If they are seeing the need for alternatives like PowToon, why shouldn’t we do the same for in-person presentations?

They bring flair to your presentation with visuals that are engaging, captivating, and fun. When preparing for a presentation, try recasting your approach. Minimize words, maximize imagery, and try including some PowToon tactics into your presentations.

Next time you’re assembling a presentation, consider how the millennials learn and keep the words off your presentation. This new world we’re selling into demands that our presentation skills stay as fresh and creative as the social media sites that command millions of views every day. Whether you employ PowToon in your slides or not, remember these central ideas when putting your next presentation!

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