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For those of you still sticking with your resolutions – which I hope you’ve made improving your communication skills with the help of A Climb to the Top one of them – nice job! You’re bound to start seeing some positive results. As with any change of habit, they say to give yourself at least a month of consistent effort to see a turnaround in behavior or a noticeable transformation. Are you there? Are you starting to see the difference The 10 Commandment of Great Communicators can make in your workplace confidence – or even at home?

Not there yet? Perhaps you’ve stalled, or haven’t even started. If you’re unsure of whether you’ll see a difference, or if it will even make a difference in your career, push yourself through the skepticism and give yourself at least a month of applying some new strategies. When my clients finally make up their minds to confront their fears and anxieties about public speaking, it’s a thrill to watch them accelerate the pace and depth of change so dramatically.

Don’t Just Take My Word for It

Early on in my Climb Leadership Consulting practice, I worked with a 20-year veteran and managing director of a large New York-based financial institution. While coaching him for the most-important presentation of his life, he left me a voicemail I will never forget. He said, “Chuck, thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I nailed the presentation beyond my wildest dreams. I was so nervous given this was always my weak spot over the years. Not anymore. I’m glad I worked so hard to overcome it. People were in shock at my confidence, conviction, and (laughing) ability to pause for dramatic effect. I never believed this was possible. Long live your 10 Commandments. I can’t wait to work with you again.”

In the words of another client at a Fortune 500 company who invested heavily in developing the 10 Commandments of Great Communicators, this kind of “learning experience was transformative! It expanded my capacity to lead human change and deliver a greater impact far beyond what I thought possible.”

He too, credited the simple and straightforward approach of learning this model step by step. By committing to the 10 Commandments of Great Communicators, he learned to align his intent with what he actually said and did to persuade others. He made up his mind to develop his skills, stayed focused on the tactics, and applied all the training into practice. I’m thrilled to report he is now a C-level officer in a well-known giant of a financial institution. This method works and can be a pathway to your success.

A month will pass whether you decide to improve your communication skills or not; why not be that much more effective 30 days from now? Get started today by taking my Public Speaking Assessment

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