Three Better Ways To Start Your Next Presentation - Chuck Garcia

Three Better Ways To Start Your Next Presentation

Featured in Fast Company

If you want to be remembered, do the opposite of what’s expected. And don’t waste time doing it.

Here’s a fact that most speakers—even experienced ones—tend to forget, even if they know it’s true: People internalize the first things they hear much more quickly and effectively than whatever follows it. Your opening words count more in the minds of your listeners than most of what you say afterward.

So whatever you want to glue into the minds of your audience, start there. Startle them. Give them something to ponder. Say something controversial and provocative. The goal is to pique their interest as you build your credibility. One reason this well-known advice is rarely put into action as well as it could be is simply that many speakers don’t know how to do it. These three techniques can help…

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