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There is a single factor that affects your success more than any other, your ability to effectively communicate. Chuck Garcia’s Book, A Climb to the TopTM, focuses on this critical element that is needed to ensure your career path to the top.

This book is both a series of explained methods and a call to put those persuasive communication techniques into practice. The principles presented in this book aid in alleviating nervous tension that often comes when presenting to prospects, clients, and colleagues. These lessons will teach you to inspire, persuade, and provoke change to achieve extraordinary success.

A Climb to the Top presents the key elements that make a great communicator, all explained eloquently by the master. The advice within this book can advance your career more than going back to school for another degree. Communication is key, and this book is the key to becoming a master communicator. Drive your career to new heights with A Climb to the Top.

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