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Masterful storyteller, leadership communications coach, and Amazon bestselling author of, A Climb to the Top: Communication and Leadership Tactics to Take Your Career to New Heights, Chuck Garcia takes audiences on a climb to learn communication skills that are compelling, powerful, and life-changing.

Chuck’s highly-sought-after keynotes, workshops, and sessions give individuals – and teams – the tools, motivation, and confidence needed to achieve their specific goals and drive their careers to new heights. Effectively weaving experiences from his career on Wall Street, a passion for teaching as a college professor, over five years of consulting and coaching, as well as his personal hobby as an avid mountain-climber, Chuck provides a truly unique and inspiring experience.

Drawing upon on his bestselling book, A Climb to the Top, which likens a professional’s “career climb” to that of ascending the highest mountains, Chuck shares proven methods and step-by-step instruction on becoming a master communicator and effective leader. His speeches cover everything about persuasive speaking including how to effectively use body language, how to engage your audience, and what makes a compelling visual presentation.

His book and speaking engagements serve as a powerful supplement to his one-on-one executive and group coaching experiences geared to help professionals succeed, no matter their current position or industry.

The Language of Leading

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“The second I heard Chuck speak, I knew I wanted to be wherever he was. He spoke articulately and with such passion that it inspired me to achieve things I never thought possible, including, but not limited to, landing a job at Google! Chuck helped me believe in myself; but not only me, I've witnessed Chuck inspire a wide diversity of people through his love and passion. Regardless of the subject matter, when you hear Chuck speak you can't help but be inspired - I challenge you to try not to be.”

- Anthony Sicuranza, Jr. , Google

"Chuck has a special ability to move entire rooms when you talk. I admire the hard work in which he put forth towards mastering his art and feel extremely grateful to have attended his presentation."

- Richard Kovatch, CAPTRUST

“With an audience ranging from C-level to analysts and operations personnel Chuck’s sessions at our conference scored nearly perfect survey results on both value of content and speaker. Besides many responses of “Excellent” in the open comments field we also heard a variety of “Best session all week! I was so blown away and happy I signed up for this. Thank you so very much!” A high value presentation from a high-quality speaker, I couldn’t recommend him more.”

- Shana Bruner, SS&C Advent.

“While attending an industry conference, I happened upon a personal development workshop on leadership. I was not expecting much to be honest, but was in fact captivated by Chuck Garcia. His message is simple, and resonates with industry veterans and leaders on how they can be more impactful. But it also addresses the traits the next generation of leaders should strive for in order to jump start their own careers, or kick it up to the next level. His message is easy to follow. I have had the opportunity to get to know Chuck, he is so engaging, and full of positive energy. Those that are looking to take the next step in their careers will benefit by listening to Chuck.”

- John Brennan, PAAMCO Prisma

“Chuck spoke at a Wharton Alumni Club seminar entitled “Communication that Moves Mountains.” What an outstanding coach with a great style combined with timely and relevant tools. His seminar earned the highest speaker ratings at the Wharton Club. Chuck's presentation incorporated his mountain climbing experiences with videos and slides to convey his message in a persuasive and effective manner. He shared presentation tools that were transformative for speakers. In addition, I have been privileged to work with Chuck as a presentation coach. His insights have transformed my presentations and have given me the confidence to become an effective keynote speaker. Also, I would highly recommend his book “A Climb to the Top: Communication & Leadership Tactics to Take Your Career to New Heights". Chuck’s insights and techniques will help even the most experienced speakers to elevate their game.”

- Grace Vandecruze, Managing Director, Grace Global Capital

“From start to finish, Chuck engages each audience and pushes them to think and act outside of their comfort zone. In doing so, he creates a clear and actionable "call to action" for each person for the days ahead."

- Madison Waldvogel, Bloomberg

"Chuck spoke on the importance of startups to communicate their pitches powerfully and persuasively. Everyone was amazed by his passion, energy, and ability to inspire an audience. I had countless attendees come up to me after the event who were ecstatic about how much they learned and who were thrilled about the opportunity to learn more about Chuck's book, A Climb to the Top.”

- Jason Malki, CEO, StartupBoost

“Chuck Garcia has the ability to captivate, motivate, and persuade an audience. As a coach, his passion combined with a wealth of experience fills the largest of rooms, conveying a powerful message with a lasting impact.”

- John Flickinger, Univelver

“Chuck was an amazing keynote speaker at our annual National Members Meeting. He connected quickly with the group, providing insights and practical advice everyone could take back to improve themselves as leaders. The smaller break-out sessions which tied in to his presentation were fun and informative….a memorable highlight for participants. Chuck is professional, engaging, and passionate about his work. We could not have be happier to have him as our keynote and he continues to be an important partner for our organization.”

- John Stiles, Chairman, AUG The Exchange