Mind Your Manners!

I’m certain your parents stressed the importance of manners as you grew up—at least the basics such as “please” and “thank you.” It’s surprising to me however, how many manners we don’t learn as we grow older, and how many faux pas are made in day-to-day business interactions. Many of these mistakes are made without the offending individual even realizing it, and yet, the impact of these mistakes can be significant in one’s climb to the top of his or her career.

I often stress the importance of communication—it is the foundation of success in one’s life. Manners—how we conduct ourselves throughout the day—are an extension of communication; they communicate and send messages to those around us. So, while I am very much focused on helping individuals successfully deliver planned presentations, it is just as important to successfully communicate in all of those other, “unplanned” interactions.

Want to know if your manners are on-point? Take this quiz, which introduces several different scenarios you may find yourself in, and answer how you’d respond:

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How you conduct yourself in the seemingly mundane interactions of your work day will leave an impression—will it be a positive one? Learn more about how to be in control of the messages you send, both on the stage and everywhere else, in A Climb to the Top.